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Our company is comprised of highly enthusiastic and experienced recruiting professionals who have streamlined the recruiting process, conveys clear communication, honesty, follow-up, and follow-through during the entire recruiting experience. No matter the outcome of placement, our goal is to always communicate in a timely fashion and deliver transparency. To ensure the best outcome, we are prepared to provide the following:

Resume, Cover Letter, and Interview Prep 

In any interview process a well written resume plays an important role because it helps the employer to understand the essential capabilities that you hold. Your resume is one of the crucial items to organizations as it explains the summary of your past work experience, skills, knowledge, training, and the impact of your achievements. Cover letters are just as important as a resume because they tell employers the type of position you're seeking, how you're qualified for it, and the value you can add to the referenced position. Your cover letter can also explain things that your resume can't. Practicing your interview skills will build confidence, help reduce stress during your actual interview, and allow you to focus on connecting with your interviewer rather than struggling to come up with answers. 

Skills and Behavioral Testing 

The DiSC® model provides a common language that people can use to better understand and manage themselves, experiences, and relationships with others — within a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or other relationships. DiSC works because it helps you become more self-aware – helping you recognize and acknowledge the strengths and shortcomings of not only yourself, but your team. Overall, DiSC provides clarity in how you may relate to another person and vice versa.

Weekly Follow-up While on Assignment 

We pride ourselves on consistent follow-ups to ensure expectations from the employee and employer are being met, and that all questions and concerns are being addressed.  Follow-ups are also a way for us to maintain an ongoing relationship with our employees and employers. We want to make sure employees are given the tools they need to be successful and that they are happy in their new role. We also want employers to be heard and engage effectively, resulting in strong and healthy relationships with their employees.  Follow-ups are a great way to promote great customer service and long-term partnerships.  


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